Thursday, October 13, 2011

Racism and Women's Studies


It was interesting to read this article this week. I found it to be vary bias in that saying that white women are still racist. I feel as though everyone in america is still racist and you cannot narrow it down to one single group. Some white women may be racist towards black women and some black women are equally racis.

I am interested to hear what the other people in my group thought about the reading, and interested in teaching my classmates about this reading.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share this youtube video with you because its simply amazing. I went to middle school with this very talented singer, and her and her friend put together a cover of adels song "Someone like you. for the Perez Hilton Cover contest.  In less then a week, her video had over one million views and she ended up the winner of the contest. Yesterday she preformed on the Ellen show, and Ellen offered her to sign with her record lable. I feel like she is a very inspirational person because big things can happen to anyone! Please listen to her song. It will take your breath away! :) Hope you like it!

Compulsory Heterosexuality.


It took me some time to read this article and fully understand what Rich is saying, but I am glad we were assigned to read it. It really opens your eyes and makes you question events/things that has happened that brings in topics such as being a lesbian. I used google a lot to help me find links and weblogs to help me analyze the text better. Most of the articles that I read said that "Compulsory Heterosexuality was a word coined by Rich in her essay.  Throughout the reading Rich suggested that heterosexuality keeps women from actualizing their full sexual and emotional capacities.

I chose to add this photo to my blog because i found a very good article on Ellen. It says that when she first started her show that she was just trying to find herself. Later when she finally "came out of the closet" and it became natational that Ellen was infact a lesbein, she was not refered to as "that lesbien, or that gay women." Things should never have come to this, and you should be able to express yourself how ever you want.

I am excited to go to class and to listen and share with everyone on our views of this topics and weather they agree or disagree with the words of Rich.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The F Word

sorry this is so late!! better late then never though! :)

Extended comments

For this blog I decided to do an extended comment on Yemi's blog. I thought it was very interesting and I agreed with the points that she brought up. I agree that the women who were giving out free condoms should not have been arrested. The women were only protecting each other. If you are going to have sex its important that you do it the right way and use protection. Its not fair that if a woman has a condom then she is assumed to be a slut, when really she is only looking to protect herself, where as if a man has condoms hes considered to be a pimp. Its funny how things work these days.



I spent quite a lot of time exploring this site and I found it to be very interesting.  It was very interesting to play the games, and to see what class you belonged to. When I took the quiz to find out what social class I was in, it said that it was confused because I picked things that were from a variety of different social groups. I did not find this surprising. I buy things that I like, and I am fortunate enough to not be on a strict spending budget. Although I love to find some great bargains if it is an item that I really want, Ill find a way to make it happen.  I found this quiz that also helps you define what social class you are in. Although these quizzes may give you a hint as to where you belong, it can never really define you, it only puts you in a stereotypical category.  You are your own person.

Economic inequality is a feminist issue because it always seems that women get classified as being lower then men. In most jobs, if a male and a women have the same degree and the same qualifications, the women will get paid less then a man. Also more women are classified as living below the poverty level rather then men, because in poorer communities, there are usually not a male figure in a womens life with children. The women is working to support herself and her children on lower pay causing herself to fall below the poverty line.