Wednesday, October 5, 2011



I spent quite a lot of time exploring this site and I found it to be very interesting.  It was very interesting to play the games, and to see what class you belonged to. When I took the quiz to find out what social class I was in, it said that it was confused because I picked things that were from a variety of different social groups. I did not find this surprising. I buy things that I like, and I am fortunate enough to not be on a strict spending budget. Although I love to find some great bargains if it is an item that I really want, Ill find a way to make it happen.  I found this quiz that also helps you define what social class you are in. Although these quizzes may give you a hint as to where you belong, it can never really define you, it only puts you in a stereotypical category.  You are your own person.

Economic inequality is a feminist issue because it always seems that women get classified as being lower then men. In most jobs, if a male and a women have the same degree and the same qualifications, the women will get paid less then a man. Also more women are classified as living below the poverty level rather then men, because in poorer communities, there are usually not a male figure in a womens life with children. The women is working to support herself and her children on lower pay causing herself to fall below the poverty line.

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